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History of the Gyroplane by Date
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Igor Bensen
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1923 - Autogiro rotor blades developed by Juan de la Cierva, in Spain
1923 - First Autogiro flight at Getafe Airfield, Spain by Cierva

1925 - Cierva Autogyro flown in test flights near Farnborough, England

1927 - Cierva rotor hub redesigned to include a "drag hinge", Spain

1928 - Juan de la Cierva fly's his Autogyro across the English channel to France

1929 - American, Harold Pitcairn, purchases U.S. rights to Cierva's Autogyro and begins building Autogyros in U.S.

1931 - 51 Autogyros built by Harold Pitcairn's factory, U.S.

1931 - Amelia Earhart claimes world altitude record in an Autogyro of over 18,000 feet

1934 - Cierva Autogyro developed with "jump" takeoff device

1943 - Bernard Haseloh builds his first helicopter. (gyrocopter in 1954). Alberta, Canada

1955 - Bensen Gyrocopter makes first flight. Igor Bensen flys own powered design in U.S.

1959 - Design of Avian 2/180 Gyroplane by Peter R. Payne, Avian Aircraft, Georgetown, Ontario, Canada
1959 - Raymond Umbaugh builds and test flys U-17 gyroplane

1962 - Igor Bensen starts the PRA, in U.S.

- Bensen "Spirit of Kittyhawk" gyrocopter sets out to break more than 10 world records, in U.S.

1968 - Avian 2/180 Gyroplane issued H-76 Certificate of Airworthiness, Transport Canada

1969 - Avian 2/180 Gyroplane issued H5EA Certificate of Airworthiness, FAA, U.S.A.

1973 - J5, by Jukka Tervamaki, single seat, fully enclosed gyroplane, makes first flight. Finland

1974 - J5 gyroplane design sold to Vittoro Magni, becomes MT-5, Italy

1987 - RAFM introduces RAF1000, single seat, enclosed cabin, gyroplane, Canada
1987 - B. Haseloh key advisor on design of two seat RAF2000 for RAFM, Canada

1988 - Bensen Gyrocopter company closes, discontinues production of open frame Gyrocopter, U.S.A.

1993 - UFO Helithruster (prototype gyroplane) makes it first flight, New Zealand

1998 - Avian 2/180 Gyroplane issued Type Certificate H-76. 2/180 renamed Pegasus MK lll, California U.S.A.
1998 - Death of Dan Haseloh, President of RAFM, Canada

2000 - Death of Igor Bensen in February, at age of 82, U.S.A.
2000 - Death of Don Farrington in April, U.S.A.

2007 - RAFM (sold ?) to Mocke Family, Canadian manufacturing moved to South Africa

  * Most information is verified from two sources.
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