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off site link us ADS-B Technologies, LLC (Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast - ADS-B)
off site link us Bensen Gyrocopter: reprints of manuals and information for restoring gyro-copters
off site link au T2000SFL Transponder by Microair / us -> EAI
off site link au T1000-TX ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast - ADS-B) by Microair
off site link us GTX 327 Transponder by Garmin. Solid state design.
off site link us RAM Performance: Subaru engine development and modification (also distributor for Autoflight redrives)
off site link fi Performance Calculation of Gyroplanes, Mac /PC software, Jukka Tervamaki
off site link au Rotec Radial Engines, 7 cylinder
off site link us Rotor Flight Dynamics, Rotorblades

Que faut-il pour contruire mon propre atogire ?
What does it take to build my own gyroplane?
  1. Time, about two hundred +hours.
  2. Clean, dry, well lighted area.
  3. Tools, drills, metal saws, wiring etc.
  4. Plans. You have to have a set of good plans.
  5. Kit. Easier than starting from "scratch"
  6. Knowledge. You have to learn the basics of balance, load and precision.
  7. Financing. You need to be able to purchase parts and materials. $8,000 - $19,000
  8. CFI. A good place to get training. $2,500 <- Do this first. Or get a ride as a passenger to see if you really want to build.
off site link fi, Some reasonably priced gyroplane building plans -> see

off site link us, And now some old time fun, old home movie of gyrocopter (about 1967)
-> see video of three people on a gyroglider and four engine gyrocopter!

    The best gyroplane pilots have never flown other aircraft before gyroplanes. True or False? Answer    

"In all your getting,
get understanding"
    -> engine cooling
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Answer: Both

The best gyroplane pilots are the ones who
seek out proper training and learn how a
gyroplane is different than all other aircraft.
Overcoming fixed wing flight reactions is the most
difficult task, but the most neccessary one.