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ADS-B equiped instrument panel





Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast ADS-B is the magic ingredient in the long awaited recipe for gyroplane commuting.
There are many individuals, groups and organizations around the world interested in flying to work. The gyroplane is an enduring concept that makes it possible for everyone to study. ->Seelevels
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As Reported from Saab Sensis News page:
Canada Gets 1st Global Award for ADS-B / Emissions

NAV CANADA and Sensis Corporation received the first Jane's Environment Award at the 2010 ATC Global Exhibition and Conference in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This is the first year of the Environment award, which recognizes the aviation industry's contribution to reducing environmental emissions.

NAV CANADA's deployment of Sensis Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) technology in Hudson Bay was recognized. In January 2009, Sensis ADS-B was deployed to provide surveillance of the 250,000-square nautical miles of airspace over Hudson Bay. With the ADS-B surveillance, NAV CANADA can now employ 5 mile radar separation standards rather than the 80 miles of separation that was previously used, allowing aircraft to fly shorter routes and at more efficient altitudes. Today, 17 airlines operating 425 aircraft that account for over 50% of the traffic over Hudson Bay are now flying ADS-B routes. As a result, airlines are saving fuel, reducing flight times and emitting less greenhouse gas. Significant expansion of equipage is anticipated for later this year.

->more (from Saab Sensis Corp.)

old news: The private non-share corporation, Aireon, which owns and operates Canada's civil air navigation service, started ADS-B tracking in January 2009 over the Hudson Bay. Today, 61 percent of flights involved aircraft equipped for ADS-B and certified by regulatory agency Transport Canada to use the system.

old news: According to the United States Federal Aviation Administration Fact Sheet (for immediate release): ADS-B will be tested in the Gulf of Mexico. The original testing in Alaska has proved the system.

old news: Previously services using ADS-B were to commence on November 20, 2008 in Canada. Information on the Nav Canada site indicates a later date of January 15, 2009 in the Hudson Bay area of Canada. We have no confirmation that this date has been met.

What will ADS-B do for gyroplane pilots?
A live picture will be available of the airspace and other planes moving through it. For the first time both pilots and air traffic ground stations will be able to see the same, real time, displays of air traffic. This should help in long distance gyroplane flights. It is not expected to be of benefit for short flights except on landing to taking off. VFR is still preferrable for mixed air flights over short distances. But only time will tell how beneficial ADS-B will be. It's best feature will be that other aircraft will automatically know each gyroplanes position without the gyroplane pilot announcing it manually.


Invented by E. Fraughton and P. Berger, UT, USA, in 1980's, patented August, 1990. Originally named 'SCAN'.

ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast) allows aircraft to broadcast identification, position, velocity and direction continually to other aircraft and ground stations.
Gives flight crews immediate information about other aircraft in a 40 mile radius of their position. Main benefit is that is also shows horizontal positions with much clearer accuracy than conventional radar, which is only accurate in the vertical.

ADS-B relies on GPS. Operates at 978 MHz.

Full name is: Active Co-operative Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast System.
Currently used in Alaska, Europe, Australia, Japan and parts of China.
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