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Regalpony is a domain name/address for a web site created by John to display the information he has gathered about the history and future of the autogyro, 'gyrocopter' and gyroplane.
                  design by John F. Ednie  HOW DID THE NAME "REGALPONY" COME ABOUT?

The Regalpony website is a collection of study's, ideas, information, photos and links to other sites under the gyroplane theme. It was and is all about gyroplanes, their past, their use and a vision for the future. Soon, you may see it become a commuter's dream come true.

There are many individuals, groups and organizations around the world interested in autorotation. The gyroplane is an enduring concept that makes it possible for everyone to study.
Please, have a look around and e-mail us your comments and / or photos. We hope you'll like what you find on Regalpony, and remember:
"In all your getting, get understanding".
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What is the main objective of this website?

To gather together information on gyroplanes for Canadians.
                  design by John F. Ednie Isn't thousands of gyroplane flying around going to increase the smog?

No. In fact twice the number of gyroplanes flying would still not equal the pollution from automobiles.
RAF1000 gyroplaneRAF1000 - Canadian made gyroplane


Because Canadian innovation created the RF1000 and RAF2000 gyroplane which was/is a true, original Canadian achievement. Manufactured in Saskachewan, Canada for many years.

There is lots of information around on gyroplanes but it is littered throughout the available media. My initial search several years ago found gyroplanes purely by chance. Once I saw one I could see how ingenious a vehicle the gyroplane was. I could see it's possibilities and I knew the only way to popularize them was to share that information.

So your own objective is to . . .?

Promote the value of autorotation, promote the benefits of gyroplane travel and get more people to look above the pavement at all that free sky.

What do you mean by the heading "Ideas"?

Perhaps "usage" would be a better heading. But "Ideas" is the spark of change. To have an idea is the beginning of growth.

Do you have a specific idea concerning gyroplanes?

Yes. And it's not a "hidden agenda" of the regalpony website. I make it plain and clear: commuting to work.
Whenever I see another peice of the puzzle fit into place I point out what that piece indicates to me.

Why are you pursuing this idea of commuting to work in a gyroplane, or any other plane?

That's easy to anwser. Anyone can see that paving over more of the earth is not the way of the future. Sitting in the smog with thousands of other road vehicles, not going anywhere fast indicates this. The earth is saturated with too many road vehicles.
It's all about business. Leaving the current road systems intact for truck and passenger bus travel is important. Relieving the road congestion by moving 25% of the short trip traffic into the air is the way of the future. Gyroplanes equipped with ADS-B in the sky.

For this reason: the average road vehicle takes three times as long to get where it's going because of congestion and traffic light idling.
A 45 minute trip in a road vehicle takes only 12 minutes in a gyroplane. So the engine in a road based vehicle is running for 50 minutes and a gyroplane engine is running for 17 minutes on the same trip. (Adding 5 minutes starting)

How are you going to keep thousands of gyroplanes from crashing into each other and falling on the roof of my house?

There's more of a chance of a meteor falling on your house than a gyroplane. And I've already addressed the issue of orderly gyroplane flight on the pages of this website. There's the flight level's page and the ADS-B page which explains your question in better detail.


John Ednie - 647-225-3417

John in an
John in anRAF2000 gyroplane
at the Oshawa Air Show. Ontario, Canada

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